Live Bands for Corporate Entertainment!

Corporate Entertainment for Corporate Events!


So it’s time to organise the live entertainment for your next corporate event, and as an expert in corporate entertainment, AffordaBand entertainment agency can certainly help. You’ll find our superb corporate bands listed below to be the best in their field at keeping your business guests and associates thoroughly entertained for the duration of the evening.

All our corporate bands are superbly presented and always exercise attention to your specific detail, so our spectacular cover bands do a superb job every time, and are designed to impress your valued business associates. Again, 60’s to today’s most current dance floor hits are the most popular music styles to play for most types of corporate events, and the dance floor is certainly the place to be!

The BC All-Stars Corporate Entertainment
Having started some 5 years ago, The BC All-Stars are simply one of the best corporate entertainment party bands on our entertainment agency roster. Their amazing lead vocal ability, combined with perfect musicality and song selection, means they always get great results whenever they play – interactive, and one of the very best!
From £1440
The Classic Club Band are a fabulous 5 to 9-piece party band, and play dance floor classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, right up to the present day.
From £1290
Fashion is considered one of the very best live bands in England, and with a hand-picked repertoire of only white-hot party anthems to play, from the 60’s right up to current day, Fashion makes a great choice for any corporate event.
From £1280
With a brilliant song repertoire of the best dance floor favourites from the last 50 years at their disposal, Supernova is impossible to beat as the perfect corporate party cover band. With Supernova, the dance floor is most definitely the place to be!
From £1075
The Beats
The Beats were established in 1998 and since joining our live music agency has toured all over the world. A sensational professional live band, they work diligently at all events, thus ensuring that their performances are always major hits! Genuinely a great band of the highest calibre that would suit any corporate event!
From £1280
With powerful lead vocals and a seriously tight rhythm section, and some jazzy horns, Rocksteddy is about as funky as corporate entertainment gets! Rocksteddy is a very slick combo of Soul, Funk & Jazz – hit music for all..!
From £1670
FUNKology is a world-class funk soul band, and features an option to add in their 3-piece live brass section for crunching extra impact! And how versatile? They can play as a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9-piece band, and they’ve done everything, from corporate entertainment events, to weddings, to Jewish bar mitzvahs in foreign countries! Mega band – serious calibre.
From £1580
The Rhythm
One of our very good bands that really suit corporate entertainment needs is The Rhythm, who play a perfect mix of soul, rock and modern hits that spans the ages. The Rhythm is well known for delivering great results each and every time they play.
From £1080
The Promised
The Promised are genuinely a fabulous corporate entertainment band of the highest professional quality, and will perfectly suit just about any company celebration or party requirement – a well-proven solution to your entertainment needs!
From £1340
The Chameleons
The Chameleons are a great live band, and have performed at virtually every kind of corporate event over the years. Very reliable, and experienced, The Chameleons know how to work the crowd, and put on a great show.
From £1250
Hip Operation
This is a superb band who have performed a multitude of corporate events over the years. The guys boast a fantastic repertoire of proven hit songs, and if you’re a little slow on that dance floor, then surely a Hip Operation is JUST the thing you need..!
From £1390
Tailor Made
Amongst some of the best corporate bands in the UK are Tailor Made, and they have played every type of event imaginable, from corporate events to Jewish bar mitzvahs. As a result, the band is very experienced, and they will certainly make yours a night to remember!
From £1190
The Amberlights
The Amberlights are an extremely talented and versatile funk & soul corporate band, perfect for any event. Playing a mixture of classic funk, soul, disco and pop/rock, they are guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving all night long. Add their fabulous 3-piece live brass section for extra OOMPH!
From £1580
Hand Full Of Soul
Hand Full Of Soul is a 7-piece funk/soul live band, excellently suited to major functions and corporate events. With very snappy productions of all the expected dance-floor hits over the years, Hand Full Of Soul never fails to satisfy – very experienced!
From £1380
The fantastic T-Bass features a great vocalist, and also has two fantastic brass players, and for a long time now has been considered one of London’s top bands. T-Bass has performed for all the big corporate clients, and are perfectly suited to any type of event you can think of!
From £1390
Sidewinder are a great professional line-up, who perfectly suit those on a budget, and play a good selection of fun tunes to suit their fun attitude while playing – a good time is always guaranteed with Sidewinder.
From £880
Charm is a very experienced band who perfectly suit the corporate industry. With great female vocals and a highly regarded band of musicians in their line up, Charm continually get great results every time they play!
From £1350
The Herbz
The Herbz started life as a band 5 years ago, playing a large repertoire of songs from Oasis to Robbie Williams, to Blur and Blink 182, and so if great guitar tunes are your requirement, The Herbz are just about the best there is!
From £990
Young Ones
Young Ones have a good female vocalist, and a good song repertoire specifically geared toward corporate events. The band has performed at various major parties and large showcases over the years, and always deliver a great performance!
From £1125
Double The Measure
Very experienced for a band so young, Double The Measure have gigged the length and breadth of the UK, affording them great experience to be able to allow them to cover any kind of corporate scenario you require of them. A quality band for your every need!
From £1260
Now 80's
80’s nostalgia is a common theme for corporate events these days, and Now 80’s fill that requirement perfectly. Remembering all the greatest hits from the 1980’s, Now 80’s never fail to please, and pack the dance floor with all their classic renditions of all things 80’s! We’re absolutely Adam-Ant about that!
From £1150
Bigger Beat
Bigger Beat is a good band who have an extensive song repertoire, thereby enabling them to appeal to a wide cross-section of music styles and tastes, so are a very good choice live band for your Christmas party or corporate event!
From £1240
Fabba Dream
If your corporate event requires a night of Abba, Fabba Dream always deliver a predictably high standard version of everything ABBA! If ABBA’s your thing for corporate entertainment, you’ve come to the right place! Garnering absolutely rave reviews whenever they play, Fabba Dream never fail to please!
From £1290