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As a live music agency that’s booked out so many live wedding bands over the years, we know that the best way to get a great result at your wedding reception event is to hire a cover band, in particular one who plays a certain style of dance floor music, and the style of music that almost always works best with a live audience is music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, all the way up to today’s most current hit songs and latest releases.

There is always something there for all age groups to enjoy, so the dance floor will be packed from the very first song, right up until the last. And our fantastic live wedding bands play only the biggest hits – if you can’t sing it, they don’t play it!

Supernova Wedding Live Band
Owing to their fabulous song repertoire of the biggest crowd favourites from the last 5 decades, and an ability to really engage the crowd, Supernova is a very professional band for hire, and is practically unbeatable as a world-class live wedding band. With Supernova, the hits just keep on coming!
From £1075
The Classic Club Band are a fabulous 5 to 9-piece party band, and play dance floor classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, right up to the present day.
From £1290
The BC All-Stars
The BC All-Stars are quite simply one of the best professional live party bands in the UK. Their incredible vocal talent, combined with premium quality musicianship (just listen to their version of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love!”) keeps this band at the top of our ‘busy’ list!
From £1440
The Rhythm
The Rhythm has a fabulous, well-rounded repertoire of songs that perfectly suit wedding performances, and they regularly perform at weddings all over the UK. With both male and female lead vocals, their entertaining shows are renowned for filling the dance floor, with their energetic mix of modern hits, classic rock and a bit of soul too!
From £1080
A great option for those on a budget, Sidewinder are a good professional band line-up that play most of the classic live wedding band songs, with a bit of good fun on stage thrown in along the way. Always a crowd-pleaser.
From £880
The Amberlights
The Amberlights are an extremely talented and versatile funk and soul live band, perfect for any event. Playing a mixture of classic funk, soul, disco and pop/rock, they are guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving all night long. Add their fabulous 3-piece live brass section for extra OOMPH!
From £1580
FUNKology is a world-class funk soul live wedding band, and features an option to add their 3-piece live brass section for HUGE extra impact! And how versatile? They can play as a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9-piece band, and they’ve done everything, from weddings for superstars, to Jewish weddings in foreign countries! Seriously. Hot.
From £1580
Fashion is considered one of the very best live party bands in England, having toured all over the country, and with a hand-picked repertoire of only white-hot party anthems to play, from the 60’s right up to current day, Fashion is one of the best.
From £1280
Tailor Made
Being amongst the best live bands in the country, Tailor Made tours constantly all over the UK. The band regularly performs all kinds of gigs, and they cover many musical styles, so always go over a storm. Very popular, literally one of the best there is!
From £1190
The Beats
The Beats have been playing together as a band for ten years and have toured all over the world. A sensational addition to our live entertainment agency, they work diligently at all major events, thus ensuring that their performances are always major hits! Genuinely a great live band of the highest calibre!
From £1280
The Promised
The Promised play a brilliant repertoire of songs that are fantastically suited to weddings, and are a band of the highest professional quality. They almost always perfectly suit any kind of wedding or private party scenario – they’re a crowd pleaser, and a great solution to your live entertainment needs!
From £1340
The Chameleons
The Chameleons have been performing successfully around the UK for many a year, and have earned their reputation as reliable, dedicated live wedding band, who never fail to deliver a fabulous performance! A very busy, very high quality band!
From £1250
Double The Measure
Double The Measure is a very experienced, however still very young live band, who covers just about every style of music that your guests would ever expect, to keep that dance floor packed all night long! Highly-talented and energetic, they’re a great live band for any wedding reception!
From £1260
Bigger Beat
Bigger Beat has a large and ever-expanding repertoire of current hits, cult classics, and old time favourites. From The Rolling Stones to the latest chart-topping tunes, listen to the recordings on their band page, so you get “the Bigger Beat..!”
From £1240
Charm is an extremely talented, versatile and experienced live band with spectacular female vocals, that has played all the major events all over the UK, including hundreds of weddings. Charm is dedicated to making your wedding reception truly unforgettable for you and your guests.
From £1350
Hip Operation
Hip Operation is a fabulous live band for wedding performances. Their sheer energy creates a truly great show for any wedding or party event. If you’re a little slow on that dance floor, then surely a “Hip Operation” is JUST the thing you need..!
From £1390
Consisting of powerful male lead vocals, a seriously tight rhythm section and some very jazzy horns, Rocksteddy is one of the funkiest live cover bands around! A very slick combo of soul, funk and jazz hit music for all ages, these guys are Rocksteddy!
From £1670
Young Ones
Young Ones offer a lively evening of compelling wedding entertainment. With attention to detail, combined with first class musicianship and state of the art equipment, Young Ones never fail to please, and always play whatever it takes to keep the dance floor pumping from go to whoa!
From £1125
Hand Full Of Soul
Hand Full Of Soul is a 7-piece funk and soul live band with a great song rep ranging from Aretha Franklin to Wilson Pickett, and The Jackson 5 to Stevie Wonder. Fantastically cool, they seriously get that dance floor moving!
From £1380
The Herbz
The Herbz is a guitar-based band, and play a large cross-section of guitar-based indie hits from Oasis to Robbie Williams, and always ‘go down a storm’ wherever they play. Pure party professionals at all times, The Herbz never fail to satisfy!
From £990
T-Bass features a two-piece live brass section, and is considered one of London’s top live bands. Drawing on years of wedding experience, and with soaring male and female lead vocals, T-Bass stands out from the crowd.
From £1390
Now 80's
Nothing but 80’s nostalgia is the standard at your wedding reception with this specialist eighties band. All the stars, all the hits, all the costumes of the day. Everything that was best from this great musical era in one show – even the hairdo’s!
From £1150
Fabba Dream
Whatever your need for hiring a live band, Fabba Dream promise you an unforgettable show that has gained premium reviews wherever they have played. If ABBA’s your thing, you’ve come to the right place! Fabba Dream are one of the top Abba bands in the UK.
From £1290