Band Policy

To become an AffordaBand UK artist, all live bands are subjected to a very rigorous screening process. For this reason, after receiving many live band applications in the last few years, we still currently only represent 21 hand-picked artists in total, making us a very selective agency. We agree to represent a live band only after personally seeing 2 separate live gigs from each band, in different styles of venue each time and playing to different styles of audience.

We then supply each act with a large suggested repertoire of premium song choices, that are all tested crowd favourites, from which, if they wish, they can opt to draw songs from to add to their live sets, and we also address any areas of possible improvement in the band’s stage performance. By this stage, we know if they have a large enough repertoire to be truly flexible to our clients’ important needs, are consistent live performers each and every time they play, and are regularly reliable and always great, normal people to deal with.

Tested and Trusted
Because of this screening process, we end up with live music and live bands who we get to know and trust personally, and so from start to finish, we provide you with a live music booking service that has been tested successfully many times before.