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AffordaBand is a UK-based, live bands and live music booking agency. We represent premium-quality live bands for weddings, and musicians, singers and DJ's, who are available for hire for your wedding, corporate entertainment parties, summer balls and private birthday parties and all events. AffordaBand live music booking agency books thousands of performances for their world-class live bands throughout London and The UK each and every year.

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Live Music Agency

AffordaBand Live Music Agency has been managing and booking our great live wedding bands for our general clients for well over a decade, and as a result, we have grown to be one of the most trusted and reliable live music agencies in the UK. Our specialty is live bands for weddings, also live bands for corporate events, with our corporate entertainment clients ranging from small start-up companies, right through to household industry names - HSBC and British Airways as two examples, among many others.

AffordaBand Live Music Agency began in the mid-1990's by booking independent live performances country-wide in various areas. Our live music agency then expanded into new territory at the time, by booking our live musicians all across greater Asia, for performances in all the grand Asian 5-star hotels – The Sheraton chain, Hilton Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, The Hard Rock Café chain, amongst many others. Fast-forward to present day, and our live music agency covers every type of live music and live performance event, but mostly specialises in these types of bookings:

Live Wedding Bands

Live wedding bands have become a cornerstone to our live band roster over the last decade, with a large percentage of our clients booking our fabulous live wedding bands for their wedding ceremony entertainment. Our live wedding bands are PREMIUM-quality performers, with literally hundreds of live wedding music performances behind them.

In almost all cases, our live wedding bands have performed for all manner of client and venue, from the small to the very large. Our live wedding bands are not just fantastic professional performers, but are also respectful, decent individuals who respect the importance of your special day, and work diligently to achieve a memorable outcome for the entire wedding party. Great performers on stage - decent individuals off-stage.

Wedding Entertainment

The live wedding entertainment chosen for your wedding is the sole, most important ingredient in making the evening a huge success that your guests will remember for many years to come, versus a not-so-fabulous evening, where perhaps the quality of the wedding entertainment was not quite up to the highest standard. Our live wedding bands are exceptionally experienced at providing premium quality wedding entertainment, having performed thousands of wedding gigs over the years, and as a result, virtually every gig they perform ends up a resounding success.

The wedding entertainers in our live bands roster are all world-class professionals, have many years of wedding entertainment experience, and due to this, there's never a scenario they don't excel in. Good live music agencies are extremely selective on whom they represent, and we're no different, so all our bands deliver superb results, every time!

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment is often different to wedding entertainment and the expectations that come with it. Our corporate entertainment bands all understand that, whether it be a company Christmas party, a Summer Ball, or an awards ceremony – if the company is hosting corporate entertainment for dignitaries of any kind, the band knows they have to deliver an impressive live entertainment performance.

They won't play the same material as they would for a wedding performance, but will play a smarter set list of songs that will appeal to the corporate entertainment side of the evening, so that your important guests will receive a very positive impression of your company. Our live music agency has supplied corporate entertainment to many companies over the years, small to large, for everything ranging from garden parties to massive concert events. If you need specific live corporate entertainment, AffordaBand will make sure you are covered, expertly!

Live Bands For Hire

AffordaBand has many live bands for hire, and we are approached daily by hundreds of potentially great live bands asking for live artist representation. But we're very selective with our representation, so to become one of our live bands for hire, all our live bands have to meet our exacting standards.

To this day, after receiving thousands of submissions, we still limit ourselves to representing a quite small roster of our core trusted live bands. As a result, we know them all well, and our live bands for hire are amongst the best in the country. If you need any live bands for hire, we are well placed to assist in any scenario – just call or email – we'll certainly assist in whatever way we can!

Live Wedding Music

As mentioned above, our live wedding music bands have performed at thousands of venues UK-wide, and have vast experience in creating a wonderful cohesive evening of fun and excitement every time they play. The live wedding music they play is always drawn from a large core list of proven major hit contemporary songs, that all of your guests will immediately know and love.

Our live wedding bands never play anything slow or self-indulgent when they perform, and so as a result, the live wedding music they play makes the party absolutely exceed all expectations! The choice of live wedding music played is without doubt THE most important factor in making an evening a fabulous success. The choice of live wedding music, or live bands chosen for the evening is paramount in creating a very successful evening, and it is our absolute pleasure to assist you in any way we can, so whenever you're ready to consider hiring world-class live bands for your function, please just let us know, and we'll assist in any way we can. Great live wedding bands and well-selected live wedding music make ALL the difference!

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